CSGO No Recoil Macros [Faceit, ESEA, Esportal, 5e and more]


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What are CSGO No Recoil Macros? 🥇

A no recoil macro is a script and usually a software which access your mouse to counter the in-game recoil of a specific weapon.
While you shoot your weapon in CSGO for example, your crosshair automatically moves up due to recoil of the gun.
As a player you have to move your mouse in a specific way down your mousepad to counter the guns recoil and in order to make your weapon accurate.
This can be very hard and frustrating, especially in fast paste games like CSGO, where you already have to focus on multiple things, such as
quickly aiming on the enemy, checking your game sound and following your teams tactic.
LEGIT HELPERS CSGO no recoil macros will automatically handle the mouse movement you have to do to counter the weapons recoil, making your life easier
and the game more enjoyable. Our CSGO no recoil macros are made to look fully legit to specators while making your weapon accurate like if a pro is shooting.


Do No Recoil Macros work in CSGO? 🥇

The simple answer is: Yes! They work great and offer a big advantage over enemy players.
Simply activate our no recoil macro and your weapon will automatically shoot very accurate, so it’s easy for you to aim and get kills.
Our CSGO no recoil macros will handle the annoying weapons recoil without influencing or interrupting your gameplay. 
Ever wondered how some pros are so accurate with their weapons recoil, even on league anti cheats like ESEA, Esportal and such?
Alot of them are using CSGO no recoil macros because it’s so easy to use them with almost no security risk.


Can I use CSGO No Recoil Macros on ESEA, Esportal etc? 🥇

Another yes! Our LEGIT HELPERS CSGO no recoil macros only ever interact with your mouse and never directly with the game.
This makes anti cheats like ESEA, Esportal etc. unaware of that such a no recoil macro is running and they can’t detect it.
Using no recoil macros is a legit way of cheating since they only help you controlling your mouse. Using macros is not risk free
but it’s the safest way of getting an advtange over enemy players in your favorite game. While Aimbots and ESP cheats mostly
don’t even work on anti cheats like ESEA, our CSGO no recoil macros are always ready and will help you getting that extra bit of advantage you need to win.

Our Macro Engine software is currently NOT SUPPORTING Faceit and ESEA anymore.


Can I get banned using No Recoil Macros? 🥇

Technically yes. No software and macro is undetectable. However, the chances are at the lowest possible minimum.
As for most of our games our macros are undetected since release in 2016. Playing with our CSGO no recoil macros is the safest way
of “cheating”. Our Macro Engine software and macros are never directly interacting with the game but only with your mouse. 99% of all
anti cheats don’t detect no recoil macros because they can’t know if the user is controlling the mouse or a macro.

While it’s very safe to use no recoil macros in your favorite game, please be aware, no software/macro which gives you an unfair game advantage is undetectable.


Are the No Recoil Macros working with my mouse? 🥇

As long as you are running Windows 10 we support your mouse. Our Macro Engine software comes with its own mouse driver
to ensure that we support your hardware. There is no limitations. Doesn’t matter if you play with a Logitech, Razer, Zowie, 
Bloody, X7 or Microsoft mouse. Our Macro Engine software and no recoil macros will be fully working with your setup. 
Purchase, download, load no recoil macros from our database and start playing. It’s that easy.


Which weapons are supported? 🥇

LEGIT HELPERS always aims to support all meta weapons in the games we code macros for.
We are gamers ourselves and won’t miss out on a weapon which is commonly used. You can expect that all the weapons you like 
are supported and fully working with the macros we provide.

We also constantly update our macro portfolio and even offer you the possibility to quickly create your own no recoil macros with our Macro Editor.


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