Our macros and software are very easy to install and even easier to use:
     1. Buy a license on our website and receive your activation code instantly via email
     2. Download the Legit Helpers Macro Engine
     3. Activate all macros with your personal activation code
That’s it! You are now ready to beat your enemies with the world’s best macros on the market.


Our macros and software work with any gaming or non-gaming mouse and keyboard!
With just one license you receive access to all our game macros. No subscription. No hidden costs.



Unlike Cheats/Hacks, do our macros, not access or manipulate the game or its files.


Legit Helpers macros exclusively send script commands to your hardware, such as your mouse use keyboard, to give you a big advantage in-game. This makes our macros undetectable by any Anti-Cheat tool on the market. All our macros are randomized with a special development technique, which makes every macro unique per user.


In almost every online game Cheats/Hacks are too easy to detect. Legit Helpers gaming macros, on the other hand, are always safe to play with. Stop relying on untrustworthy macro or cheat sellers and start using Legit Helpers premium quality!


With legit helpers macros, I don’t have to worry anymore about getting banned. Thanks, Legits!

Discord User: BQZZ Discord User: BQZZ

I LOVE the PUBG macros!! Went from 0.9 KD to7.7 KD in just one week…. MUHAHAHAHA. Can recommend the macros to everyone <3

Discord User: Vicks Discord User: Vicks

I can honestly say that the legit helpers have the highest quality macros and easiest software.

Discord User: B0wSSer Discord User: B0wSSer

Switched from writing own AHK macros to these fellas. Made it soooo much easier for me tho ^_^

Forum User: HK-ZULU1337 Forum User: HK-ZULU1337

The community is really cool and chilled. Playing almost daily with other lh users is much fun. We soon own the world! >:)

Forum User: Zelendra Forum User: Zelendra

What I personally like is that I can download and update all macros in the software and don’t need to check for updates every time.

Forum User: STRAEFLING08 Forum User: STRAEFLING08

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