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New World Outpost AFK Bot


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This product grants you full access to our New World Outpost Rush Bot

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New World Bot ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Auto farm Gold, Gearscore and loot while AFK


You want more gold, a higher gearscore and better loot drops without grinding? 🥇

Don’t worry! With our LEGIT HELPERS New World Outpost Bot you will gain up to 35.000 Gold per day, pushing your gear score and have a chance on legendary item drops… while being AFK! Sounds crazy? Here’s how it works: Our New World Outpost Bot will automatically que up in outpost rush and keep you in the game by pressing your mouse/keyboard. It will keep queing up for outpost as long as you leave the bot run. You can go afk for days and the bot will keep getting you into outpost rush matches and earning its rewards. On every outpost rush match you either receive 180 gold (when your team looses) or 360 gold (when your team wins). Imagine being AFK from your PC and coming back to 30.000 gold, 90 loot boxes and a pushed gearscore. This is exactly what our New World Bot offers.
Our bot does never directly interact with the game nor does it alter any game files to work. It simply uses image recognition through your monitor and pressing mouse/keyboard buttons for you, to act like a human. Have the Bot farm your way through hundreds of outpost matches, while YOU automatically collect all the rewards!

How does the New World Bot work? 🥇

Our New World Outpost Rush Bot simply checks for specific images occouring in-game and navigating through it, like you would do yourself when playing.
The bot doesn’t need to access any kind of protected game information for that. It just looks at your game screen like a human.
This is what makes this Bot not only secure but also extremly simple to use. Check the video below how the Bot automatically ques up to Outpost Rush:

The Bot will run in an endless loop, finishing Outpost Rush games for you, queing up again, etc. It’s all automatic and doesn’t need any kind of input from your side. Start the bot and go AFK. You will come back to big rewards since the New World Bot will grind for you! If you wanna stop the bot, you simply close the program. Nothing else needed. You simply take over again whenever you want.

New World Bot Requirements 🥇

Our New World Outpost Rush Bot requires a few simple things to work:

  • Your game needs to run in fullscreen
  • Your game needs to be set to “English” language
  • Your game needs to be set to resolution 1920×1080
  • Your game character needs to be level 60

You can change all of that back once you stop using the Bot and wanna play yourself.

Become rich without any risk in New World 🥇

Ever read these messages from shady gold sellers offering gold for crazy amounts of real life money? Why bother spending money and risking your account if AGS logs the gold transaction to your account, if you could just farm the gold yourself without any risk? Our Bot acts like a human, queing up and earning the gold, gearscore and loot rewards the legit way. Our New World Bot is not only way more secure than accepting such shady gold deals but is also cheaper. Have your character grind the gold and rewards for you. It’s that easy!

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