Please fill out the form to apply for your “Trusted Customer” status. You can read more about the status and its benefits here. Applying for the “Trusted Customer” status doesn’t cost anything, nor does being one. It only serves to grant you access to game macro packages specially made for Battleye games and to give us better oversight into security and our customers.

Note: All your information is only reviewed for the application process and will get deleted after the process is concluded. We don’t keep any private information on our servers. We will never share your private information outside of Legit Helpers.


Use the Email address you used for the purchase.
Please make sure that your Steam account is not set to “private”, so we are actually able to see the profile.
Please make sure these profiles and any posts you made are public, so we can review them as well.
We have to make sure you are an actual person, and not a fake identity.