Report A Macro

This feedback form is made for Legit Helpers customers to report macros which aren’t working as intended. Please be aware that with more than 600 macros and more than 20 different games in our database, small mistakes can happen. If you provide us detailed feedback, we are more than happy to fix the problem!


Please read before typing:


  • Please make also sure that you are using the correct settings (in-game sensitivity for example) when playing with our macros. The in-game settings for each game can be found in our settings guide, which you received via email or can be pulled up through our Macro Engine.


  • The more detailed your report/feedback regarding a macro is, the higher the chance that we fix it in our database. Typing stuff like “all macros don’t work” for example isn’t detailed and will not help us fixing the problem.


You can see the full macro name when loading it in the Macro Engine (For example PUBG_AKM_X1 or CS_AK_full_spray_smooth)
For example: After half of the magazine (14 bullets) the macro doesn’t control the shots anymore, which leads to shooting up in the air