LEGIT HELPERS :legithelpers: has changed their purchase and product system on legit-helpers.com!

If you have bought macros on our old website before, you are probably confused about the change and have questions about what that means for you as a customer. We at LEGIT HELPERS made the choice to introduce a monthly payment system and offer all of our (700+) gaming macros all together, than selling them as single items.


Why did we do that? First off: We are always trying to be the best at what we do. That counts for our macro products, security, prices, customer service etc. With our old system, we had to realize that it is impossible to fully dedicate to the project and keep up the quality standards we want to deliver. It is simply not possible to keep all macros and our universal mouse driver (Macro Engine) safe against all the Anti-Cheat tools out there and not asking for a monthly fee to cover our development costs. With our new approach, asking for a small monthly fee, we now offer all of our 700+ gaming macros in more than 25 games, our universal mouse and keyboard driver and all its features, as well as the best security on the market for a package price. In our opinion, it is more than fair to ask for the prices we offer on our website.

However, if you don’t feel the same way, no one will force you to buy anything.


What does that mean for me, as a customer? Customers who bought at least one product on our old website in the past will get the opportunity to test the new Macro Engine client, all features, and all macros for 14 days for free. To do so, please write us an email to support@legit-helpers.com, list all your order IDs and the email address you made the purchase with on our old system. We will then check your details and send you the download link to our client and an activation code to get access to all of our macros.


Want to see what’s new and how we do it? Check out our Macro Engine product page!


Your LEGIT HELPERS team :legithelpers: :vaultboyn1:

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