Similarities and differences. Pros and cons.


We did explain what’s hiding behind the term “Macros” in one of our first articles. To show the similarities and differences, pros and cons from Macros to hacks, we will first explain what hacks in online games exactly are.


The word “hacks” come from the English word “hacking”. By these days it is a symbol for a big variety of tools and programs which let us cheat in most of today’s computer games.


The product range for hacks and their application possibilities are wide. Cheat- and hack codes can be used in games like SIMS or Age of Empires to add in-game money or pump up your resource count by just doing a few clicks.


Where these hacks seem to be harmless, other cheats are just starting.

In Games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are using hacks to be able to see their enemies through walls, activate automatic aiming or to turn up their movement speed by a crazy amount.

Since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches are almost always played online, the usage of such hacks is always aimed at getting an advantage over real human players in the enemy. The most common hack terms in this context are Wallhacks, ESP, Aimbot, Speedhacks etc.


Hacks will give you different advantages, depending on the hack itself and what game you are playing.

But what all of them have in common is, as long as it’s about hacks for online games:


The usage of such hacks is forbidden by the game developers


The application of hacks is being tracked and if a player gets caught, he is gonna get punished.


This punishment can be different from game to game and what kind of hack you used.

Sometimes players will be blocked from logging in into the games online functions for a certain amount of time, sometimes he just gets a custody.

But in most cases, using any kind of hacks in an online game will result in an account ban.


That means: the cheater/hacker will be completely banned from the game – usually forever.


If we compare hacks with Macros, Macros are mostly in the “grey area”.

Not every game developer makes a statement if Macros are allowed to use in their game, or not.


But one point is clear: game developers mostly spare no effort or expense to hunt down hacks in their games to punish the players who are using them.

Whereas the use of macros is mostly untouched.

This also has technical reasons: hacks need to manipulate game files or need to get access to the game in another way, to function correctly.

Macros never access the game or its files directly. Instead, they just need to connect themselves with the player’s hardware, like the mouse or keyboard.


This makes Macros almost undetectable by any Anti-Cheat tool


If hacks or Macros, both options aim for getting the biggest advantages over other players in the respective game.

Most times hacks are offering more advantages than Macros do in online games. This is mostly because of Macros being technically limited to some point, because, as mentioned before, they aren’t accessing or manipulating the game files.


If a player decides to starts researching about getting advantages over other players in online games, he/she will sooner or later hit the term “hacks” and “Macros”.

Hundred thousands of players are using hacks or Macros on a daily basis.

What is quite striking in that connection is, that big ban waves are always hitting hackers, but almost never players who use Macros.


One of the most recent ban waves did hit more than 40.000 hackers in just a single day.

Source: Overview 2017


If we compare Macros and hacks, something is clear right away:

hacks are offering more advantages over other players, but they are also getting hunt and punished down by the game developers with full strength.


The rising successes of the Anti-Cheating tools support their claim.


Whereas Macros offering smaller and more focused advantages in the respective game.

They can’t help you see enemies through walls, but they can – for example – make sure that your attack-combination is hitting faster than any human hand could perform.

Often they are undetected over years, even without getting any updates.

Furthermore often the game developers don’t even state that using macros in their game is forbidden since they know they can’t deny it anyway.


Whoever is looking to play at minimum risk, but getting the maximum advantages over other players should probably get into trying Macros. You’ll have more success in the long term.



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