Legit Helpers Instructions


Table of Contents

  • How to buy
  • Macro Engine Tutorial video
  • How to activate license and macros
  • Macro Engine basics
  • How to whitelist your Macro Engine on Windows Defender (in case it doesn’t load)


How to buy and download the Macro Engine and our macros:


Simply navigate to our Legit Helpers Macro Engine product page to buy a license for all our gaming macros and to receive our universal macro mouse and keyboard driver.

Once you are on the product page, choose how many months you want full access to all macros and features (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) and click on “add to cart“.

You will then get redirected to our checkout page, where you can choose one of our multiple payment methods (PayPal, Paymentwall, Credit Card, etc.) to pay your order.

Once you paid you’ll instantly receive our Legit Helpers Macro Engine driver download and your personal activation code via email.


Macro Engine BASIC Tutorial Video

Note: Make sure to first start the Macro Engine, before starting any game!


How to activate your license and macros

This is how your Macro Engine looks like before you activated it with your personal license code:

After you downloaded the Legit Helpers Macro Engine from your email you copy your activation code and paste it in the field which pops up after pressing “Activate License“.

The Macro Engine will then unlock all its features and macros for and you are ready to play!


Macro Engine Basics

This is the main window of our Macro Engine (universal mouse driver) software overlay.

Changelog: Our Update-changelog. Here you can see what’s currently new and what’s updated.


Macro name: Shows you the name of the macro, which is currently loaded

Load Macro: Let’s you either load macros from our database for each game or a local macro from your hard drive (amc format)

X: Removes the currently loaded macro from the slot


Sensitivity (slider): These are our Macro Sensitivity sliders. You have a slider for each macro slot. With these sliders you can adjust the strenght of every macro yourself. By moving the slider to the right you increase the macro strenght, by moving it to the left you decrease the macro strenght. This way you can tweak every macro to 100% fit your own personal preference!


Hotkey bar: By pressing one of the hotkey fields you can set a button for each macro individually. Any hotkey on your keyboard works (mouse keys don’t). A hotkey activates the macro and makes it “ready to use”.

Run Key bar: By pressing one of the Run Key fields you can set a run key for each macro. A run key is a key which runs the macro, after pressing the set button. In most shooter games it is recommended to use the “left mouse button” as run key.


Change Profile: Press this button to change between profiles. Each profile has 20 macro slots and saves their own hot- and run keys as well as their sensitivity. You have 5 profiles overall.

Visit Website: Visit the domain with just one click

Game Settings: Leads to our Game Settings page which shows you all details about mouse sensitivities and settings for each game and other important information (!!!)

Settings: Leads to the Macro Engine Settings


This is our Macro Engine settings tab. To get there, please press “Settings” on the main Macro Engine screen

Macro Parallel Execution: aTurn this on if you need to run multiple macros at once (for example: Gun macro and bunnyhop macro). If you activate this, macros will not deactive themselves anymore, when you start a new macro. This feature is only recommended to advanced users!!!

Disable Sounds: Turns off the Macro Engine sounds

Invert Macros: Inverts all macros to make them usable for “Invert mouse” users

Repeat Macros: Starts the macro from the first code line again, when it finished. We recommend leaving this “on”

Endless Play: Repeats the macro by itself without you need to do anything but activating it once. It will run endlessly until you deactivate the macro

Performance Mode: Takes some pressure off of your CPU at macro quality costs. Only turn this on if you experience fps drops with the Macro Engine

Randomize macros on start: By activating this all macros will be randomized every time you start them in your macro engine. This means the macro will be less accurate but always unique when you play with it. This is a optional security feature. Please notice that, when turned on, the macro quality can vary every time you use the macro!

Execution Pause/Resume Key: With this hotkey you can pause and resume all running macros

Increase Sensitivity Key: With this hotkey you can increase the Macro Sensitivity (macro strenght) for the currently activated macro. You can use this in-game even when the overlay is closed to tweak your macros

Decrease Sensitivity Key: With this hotkey you can decrease the Macro Sensitivity (macro strenght) for the currently activated macro. You can use this in-game even when the overlay is closed to tweak your macros

Quit Key: With this hotkey you will quit the whole MacroEngine process. This can be used outside of any game or while you are in-game


How to WHITELIST your Macro Engine client on Windows Defender

If your macro engine is blocked at “loading kernel” and you never get to see the overlay, it’s very likely that either your AntiVirus tool or Windows Defender blocks the Engine.

Even if you have Windows Defender turned off, it will still block the Engine. This happens because the Macro Engine has specific features to hide from detections which Windows Defender tries to stop.

In order to stop the Engine being blocked by Windows Defender please:

  • Whitelist your Desktop after you’ve put the MacroEngine.exe on your Desktop
  • Whitelist your “AppData” folder
  • Restart your PC to let the changes take effect


Tutorial on how to whitelist on Windows 10: