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Howdy guys! If you have trouble winning your PUBG matches, these tips might help you getting your chicken dinner served more often and improving your gameplay as a whole.

PUBG isn’t a simple shooter where it all comes down to who has the best aim or weapon, but also about long term planning, fast decision making and using the game mechanics to your advantage.


About me: For obvious reasons, I can’t tell you guys my nickname, but I can tell you about my stats: I currently maintain a 70% win ratio in solos and a 60-70% win rate in squads (since Season 1). That means I am winning at least every 2nd game while keeping a 5.0+ KD and average of 450+ damage points per round.


These are my tips for you:


Plan your parachute jump according to the plane flight path and player drops


As soon as you are sitting on the plane you will be able to calculate the flight path and what locations the plane will cross. I highly recommend you not jumping straight away after you are giving the option because you will end up with a lot of different players next to you on the ground. Instead, watch the back of the plane to see how many players are still inside. You can also move your 3rd person camera 360° around the plane to see, where players are heading to after they jumped off. Use this to choose your own location.


Jump for vehicle spawns or pull your parachute early


Locations farthest away from your plane flight path are usually the safest. With pulling your parachute as early as possible and maintaining a flight speed of 30-40km/h you will be able to fly about 2 2/1 squares on the map. You can also jump for possible car spawns, to get a vehicle as early as possible.

I recommend you study this PUBG vehicle spawn map and get a vehicle since you will not only be able to choose your loot location freely but also have more options in the last endgame circles.


Minimal risk in the early game


I consider the first 5-8 minutes of the game as “early game”. They should exclusively be used for looting and gearing up for the endgame later in the round. In the early game, I recommend you avoid fights and other players in general. That has the main reason:

If you somehow end up dropping next to another player and start looting next to him in hope to find a weapon first, you will just rely on your luck. How fast you are finding a weapon and gear is “random” in this game, so you can’t really plan it in short. If you want to win games, relying on just luck is a bad choice. What if the other player finds a weapon first? What if he gets a car first and drives you over? Take minimal risk instead of trying to push your luck.


Long-term planning and fast decision making


PUBG isn’t only a loot and shoot game, but also about strategic planning. You should always think about the 2nd and 3rd step you will have to do, not only about the next one.

This means: When your looting phase is over, which should be around the 5-8 minute mark, you head straight for the center of the zone, going a safe route, avoiding buildings or popular camping spots. That’s what you need a vehicle for. Hills and ditches are good, buildings are better to set up in. Hide your vehicle inside or behind the building so other players can’t spot it or shoot the tires out.

Relocating to the center of the zone and always trying to be in the best spot in the next circle is considered as “long term planning”. The “fast decision making” comes in, when you, for example, try to get to a building and notice that a player or team is already in it. You’ll then have to decide if it’s worth taking the risk of losing the fight while taking the compound or give up the spot and head to the next place which might be in a worse spot.


Don’t take every possible fight


If your goal is to win the game and not only get the maximum kills, it’s worth mentioning that you should not take all fights you could technically win. This is a lesson most of the PUBG player base has to learn. Sometimes not shooting an enemy who is having a firefight with someone you can’t see is a better idea, than just killing him and giving away your position. You could rather just wait for the other player to get the kill and shoot that guy when he goes to loot the dead player you had sight on. This way you get one less kill, but secure your position to an enemy who was not in your line-of-sight before.


Stay calm and wait for others to make mistakes


This might be the hardest lesson and even the best players have problems to maintain it:

Try to stay calm!

It sounds easy but is fairly hard to do if you are in a 1on1 situation which will decide about you getting the first or second place. However, the more games you play, the more experience you will gain and it will get easier for you to stay calm in most situations.

This is important because you staying calm and relaxed will always give you an advantage over the player who is overreacting, shaking or blindly making a bad decision.

Hence the title “wait for the other to make mistakes”. If you are in the final 1on1 you can most likely assume that the other player is under very heavy pressure and it’s hard for him to make rational decisions, especially when something unexpected happens.

Use this to your advantage.

Here a few examples which can force other players to make a stupid decision because they are not calm enough:

Throw a smoke right at his cover to let him think you did throw a hand grenade, don’t peek at all behind your cover to make him think you could’ve moved to another spot, fire bullets close to his cover to let him think you have line-of-sight on him, even if you don’t, run out of the circle and “tank” the blue damage to get into a spot where he doesn’t expect you (very risky).. and so on.

Whatever you do, don’t make thoughtless decisions, rather just wait for him making a mistake first. I promise you, most of the people will do mistakes when they are under heavy pressure – sooner or later!


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