Frequently Asked Questions


Here you can find frequently asked questions by other customers.
If any question you have isn’t answered here, you can always hop on our Discord and ask them in our support section.

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Do your macros work with my Logitech,Razer,Corsair,ROCCAT,XXX mouse and keyboard?

Our macros are working with every mouse and keyboard brand.

We offer our own universal mouse- and keyboard driver (Legit Helpers Macro Engine) together with our macros, which works with all mouse and keyboard brands.


What payments options are there?

Our different payment options can be found here:  > LINK <


What’s included in a Macro Engine license?

Full access to our Legit Helpers Macro Engine, its features, and all 600+ (!) game macros.

The license also includes all macro updates and future game packages we add to our database.


Why does my license run out after a certain amount of time?

We’re constantly adding features to our universal macro engine driver, improving the tool itself, adding new macro packages and offering full technical support for all the products.

Since we have to carry monthly developer and service costs for our products, we can’t offer our products as “buy-once” or for free.


Can I only buy single macros or macro packages?

We only offer our Macro Engine together with all other macro packages.

It’s up to you how many and which macros you use from our database, but you’ll get activated all at once with a license.


Where do I find my personal activation (license) key?

The personal activation key will be sent to you via mail, right after the purchase.

If you haven’t received an email, because of you, for example, had a typo in your email address, you need to contact our support team.


Why does it say my activation key (license) is invalid?

That means your code has already been activated. As a rule of thumb, we only allow one key per HWID, meaning that you can only use your key for one computer. Of course, we understand there are circumstances where you need to reformat your PC or buy a new one. In that case, please send a mail to [email protected] And mention your old key, order number (example:  #12345) and the reason you require a reactivation. In this case, we will deactivate the old key (this will remove any macros on the current macro engine installation) and give you a new one.


Is it possible to get banned by using this?

We can say with 100% certainty that our macros (our own .lhm format) themselves are undetectable. What we also guarantee is that we will always continue to put the security of our customers first. That being said, if you don’t want to have any risk to get banned, we suggest using an expendable account.

However, we can’t give a no-ban guarantee for how you use the macros in-game. If there are people spectating you and it’s very obvious to them that you are using macros, they might report you. There is also a very small possibility that an Anti-Cheat tool blacklists our universal macro engine driver which could result in a kick or ban from the game. In this case, you can always write a ban appeal to the Anti-Cheat provider, since our Macro Engine software isn’t breaking any Terms of Use of any game. It’s a simple mouse- and keyboard driver, which can also be used without any macros. In fact, they can’t even know if you are using macros with it or not. Bans triggered by using the Macro Engine are not legally justified.


Do I get a refund if I do get banned?

As explained in the answer above, no anti-cheat can provide proof that you were using our macros for the game they banned you in. So they will have to unban you.
Because of this, we do not offer refunds, as you will still have access to our macros.

On top of this: your game account is first and foremost your own responsibility.


Where can I leave behind suggestions/feedback?

You can always post suggestions on our Discord server, via email or on our forums.




What does “TRUSTED CUSTOMER” mean?

Trusted Customer is a status you can earn at Legit Helpers by submitted an application after you bought a Macro Engine license on our website.


What’re the benefits of being a “TRUSTED CUSTOMER”?

Trusted Customers get access to by Anti-Cheat tools highly protected game macros in our database.

This BE game list includes, for example, PUBG, Rainbow Six: Siege, H1Z1, Black Squad, Fortnite etc.


Trusted Customers also get access to giveaways, software feature BETA tests, macro package BETA tests. With the “TC” status you’ll also get a higher priority regarding support inquiries, registrations, and feedback.


What’s the purpose of the “TRUSTED CUSTOMER” status?

The “Trusted customer” status is our “slot system” to overview, who gets access to games with a very high-security standard. We want to prevent any software leaks to Anti-Cheat tools like Battleye (or other high premium AC’s). In the end, we want to make our product as safe as possible for our customers. This is only possible if we regulate the access to our BE macro engine client version. Your safety is our first priority.


Does it cost anything?

Being a Trusted Customer or applying for the status doesn’t cost anything.


How can I apply to become a Trusted Customer?

To become a “Trusted Customer” you’ll first of need to own an active Legit Helpers Macro Engine license.

What this means: only users who have bought a license on our website can apply to become a “Trusted Customer”.


Once you’ve acquired a license, you can apply to become a “Trusted Customer”.

You will receive all further information regarding the application process in your license purchase email.




Why does my aim go up/down? Why does my aim not look like the videos?

This is most likely because of a setting that is not set properly.

For good measure please check the following things to make sure they are correct:

1. In-game settings for the game you are playing can be found on each game product page on our website
2. Windows sensitivity settings should be set to “6” (Windows default)
3. If you have a mouse with a driver (such as Razer or Logitech) make sure to disable mouse acceleration and anything that records mouse statistics (like Razer has)
4. If all these steps have been followed and have been confirmed to be correct, please make a video of the problem and send it to our support team in Discord or via email.


When are macros updated/released?

Generally, we tend to not give out release dates or schedules because this only leads to impatience.

That being said, you can rest assured that if a game is updated and changes anything that would affect our macros, we are already hard at work on it. As for new releases, we are always looking to expand.


Can I test new macros?

Only TRUSTED CUSTOMERS can get BETA/test access to new macros.

For more information about this, please contact our support team in Discord, and provide your PC’s specs, video capturing software and the times you are available for testing. This will make certain that you are being considered for testing.


Can I have .amc files to use them in my mouse driver software?

No, we do not have those files, and will only be updating our own .lhm macro format.

The reason why is simple, we want to make sure that you are as secure as possible when using our macros. If you are able to use our macros in unsupported third-party software, we can’t guarantee your safety. This is why all our future releases and updates will be in the .lhm format.


My macro engine doesn’t show the overlay when I press the macro button?

That is a problem caused by playing a game fullscreen.

You can fix this by using fake fullscreen (also called borderless windowed) or plain old windowed mode – Most games support this option in their settings.


My profiles don’t save! what do I do?

Do the following:

  1. close your macro engine
  2. Press the windows key + R
  3. Type in %appdata%
  4. Find the folder starting with “LH_” and then some numbers/letters
  5. Open this folder and in one of the subfolders, you will find a .exe
  6. Run this application as administrator

Your profiles should now properly save.


How do I turn off incognito mode again? / My macro engine is gone?

Pressing  F12 will enable and disable incognito mode.

What this basically does is just hide the macro engine window.


Is it possible to buy the macros for just one of the supported games? / I don’t want the entire package!

No, we feel like we offer a very fair price for the total bundle, and to avoid complicating our internal systems, we decided to switch to a complete bundle offer.

Please have in mind that all future games and macro updates we add, are free of charge for you, as long as you own a license.


Can I request custom macros?

Perhaps in the future, but as of right now, that is not possible.

However, if you are an advanced user and know how to write your own .amc macros, you will be happy to hear that our Macro Engine is able to read and play your own .amc macros.


Do you also provide make aimbots / ESP / Radar hacks or any other type of hacks?

No, we do not.