With the blog series, we want to bring our awesome Legit Helpers community some tips and tricks you might not have heard of before and which might even help you to become better at the game.

Let’s start right away with the first 10 advanced PUBG tips (20 more to come in the next 2 posts):


1. Holding forward while switching between vehicle seats will cause the vehicle to not hit the brakes. This can be useful in solo games if you’re being chased and want to quickly get some shots in.

2. You can increase performance by disabling the steam overlay while in-game. This can be done in your steam library by right-clicking on the game and then un-checking enable the steam overlay while in game.

3. Aim and ADS are two different control settings in PUBG. “Aim” makes the weapon a little more accurate while you are not aiming down sight, while ADS gives you the highest possible accuracy in-game with each weapon. However, if you don’t bind both settings on the same hotkey, your weapon will ADS faster (yes, this is a bug)

4. Shooting one wheel off the van on Miramar causes it to become slightly faster. Why? No one knows.

5. You can punch out tires instead of shooting them, should you not want to make a noise or need to conserve ammo.

6. Guns have different recoil patterns when switched to full auto compared to single fire. The most noticeable difference of this can be seen on the P18C.

7. It is possible to hit enemies you can’t see behind a hill far away, due to bullet drop.

8. If you’re caught out in the open, don’t panic and remember that smokes got changed and will be the same on your screen as they are on the enemy’s screen. Use this to your advantage, pop some smokes, heal up, get that kill!

9. If you crouch while in water, you will be able to hold shift and run faster than you would with the standing up animation.

10. When driving a motorcycle, try to land your front tire first. This will make sure you don’t flip and die, so you can continue on your quest to get that chicken dinner. Air controls for the bike are on default your crouch and spacebar to move forward and backward respectively.

Bonus tip: Smokes currently have a bug that when you throw them while the blue gas is shown right behind the smoke, you can see through it. So you might wanna throw smokes at enemies running in from blue or standing right in front of it… They can’t see through but you will be able to 😉


We hope these tips help you improve your gameplay!

And if you struggle with recoil control… Well, you know what to do: buy a license on https://legit-helpers.com 😀


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